Our Rates

One basic rate

In order to make life simpler, we offer a single base rate for the following languages:

  • > French
  • > English
  • > German
  • > Italian
  • > Spanish
  • > Russian
  • > Arabic
  • > Chinese (Mandarin)

For all of these languages the base rate is 0.25 CHF per word.

A made-to-measure service

Our base rate may increase up to 0.35 CHF per word for translations that require specialist knowledge, such as technical expertise, or legal texts.
We use only the most highly-qualified human translators to translate your documents.
As such, translations which require specialist knowledge due to their complex nature are subject to a higher rate.
The price may also vary if source documents require processing before they can be translated, for example, paper.

In all cases, the quote we provide you with before each job states the word count and the rate per word applicable in that instance.

Languages available

While we work most frequently with the 8 languages listed above, almost every other language is available on request.

Please feel free to contact us for a customised quote.